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How to Keep Your Yard in Top Shape

Utilize our lawn care services in Killeen or Temple, TX

If you're looking for a professional lawn care company to maintain your yard, you've come to the right place. Amazing Lawn Care offers top-notch lawn care services for home and business owners in Killeen & Temple, TX. Depend on us to help you impress guests from the moment they see your landscape.

We're not your average lawn care contractors

Unlike other local lawn care companies, we offer more than just mowing, edging and fertilizing services. Rely on us to have over 20 years of experience providing various tree care and landscaping services as well.

We do residential and commercial:

Weed killing and whacking
Tree planting and trimming
Christmas lighting setup and takedown

Home Improvement Services
Air Conditioning Installation & Repair
Fence Installs and Repair

Want to receive a free estimate? Call (254) 727-2679 now to discuss your lawn care or landscaping needs with a member of our staff.

Want to clear out your cluttered garage?

Lawn care equipment can turn your two-car garage into a tight fit for one compact vehicle. Instead of loading your space with equipment like a lawn mower, a weed whacker, bush clippers and fertilizer bags, leave your lawn maintenance to our team. You can count on our landscapers to provide efficient lawn care services using professional-grade equipment, so you don't have to worry about buying or storing it.

Free up space in your garage by letting us handle your weekly, bi-weekly and monthly lawn maintenance. To schedule your lawn care appointment, contact us today.